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  • How long does a counselling session last?
    Each session, unless specifically discussed and agreed otherwise, lasts for 50 minutes.
  • How often will I need sessions, and for how long?
    Counselling sessions are usually held weekly. How long the counselling process will take depends on a number of things. We will discuss in our initial session whether you are looking for short term or longer term therapy. Short term therapy may be suitable to explore a specific issue, while longer term therapy offers the opportunity to seek deeper change. Whether you are looking for short or long term therapy, we will have regular review sessions to reflect how the counselling process is progressing.
  • What if I'm late or can't make my appointment?
    Your appointment runs from the time we agreed to meet until 50 minutes later. If you are late I'm unfortunately not able to extend your session - this means that if you arrive 20 minutes late we will only be able to talk for 30 minutes. If you are running late it is always worth coming still though - even if we can't have a full session. You will still be charged for the full session. If you do not come to the session you have booked and/or do not cancel before the agreed notice period you will still be charged the full session fee. If you cancel with the notice we agreed there is no charge for the session.
  • Is eveything we talk about confidential?
    Everything we talk about in our sessions is confidential. The only exceptions to this occur if I feel that you or someone else is in immediate danger, or if I am legally required to share my notes. In this rare instance I will always endeavor to talk to you first, and hopefully together we will be able to agree the best course of action. As a counsellor working within the BACP ethical framework I share details of our sessions with my supervisor. You are not identifiable within these discussions. I also keep brief factual notes about our sessions - again, you are not identifiable from these.
  • How is payment taken?
    Unless agreed otherwise beforehand, payment is due each session either in cash or by card.
  • GDPR
    To be able to properly fulfill my responsibilities as a counsellor it is necessary for me to store some personal, and sometimes sensitive information about you. Under GDPR I need your consent in order to to this. My Privacy Statement, explaining what information I keep, why and how I keep it, and what your rights are, can be found here. I bring a copy of this statement for you to sign to our initial session, and keep a digital copy for my own records.
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